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09 February 2015

New Innovations from SP for 2015

New Innovations from SP for 2015

Parabag are one of the most popular specialist equipment bags produced by SP Services, covering key equipment requirements for first responders and paramedics. The NEW Parabag range, available from Spring 2015 has been completely redesigned around functionality and modern materials to ensure these quality products continue to be a gold standard within the specialist equipment baggage market. Developed with the latest Blood Borne Pathogen (BBP) resistant fabric which is designed with you, the Parabag consumer and infection control in mind means the bags are robust and easy to maintain in a hardwearing environment.

The new features include rapid fix handles, robust access zips and fluid resistant coating to ensure it is both functional and durable. Reinforced stitches, anti-slip under cushion pads mean that these bags are designed to stand the test of time. Available in a range of colours, models and sizes so that you can find the right bag to meet your professions needs.

Another innovation for 2015 from SP is the NEW Donway range of Vacuum Mattress and Traction Splints. Building on the signature quality and versatility of existing Donway products the new vacuum mattress has a V-shaped body design that optimises the vacuum mattress capabilities, whilst at the same time drawing on enhanced internal chamber technology for superior stability throughout ensuring that immobilisation is achieved for a rescue or evacuation scenario. The mattress and splint are easy to store and transport meaning they are a fantastic addition to any rescue and evacuation kit. Quick and easy to apply and secure, the color coded straps make for a rapid securing of the patient. The vacuum mattress and splint add to the range of quality Donway emergency rescue equipment on the market.

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