SP Parabag Decontamination Kit for Acid & Noxious Substance Attack

The SP Parabag Decontamination Kit was designed in conjunction with the West Midlands Police. The Kit exclusively features the Home Office Remove, Remove, Remove info-graphic, an aide-memoir for treating victims of hazardous and corrosive substances.

A ready-made kit for dealing with an Acid or Noxious Substance Attack

Kit contains:


The SP Parabag Decontamination Kit includes 2 x Bottleshower. The Bottleshower is EXCLUSIVELY available from SP Services (UK) Ltd for Category 1 and Category 2 Responder’s. The Bottleshower simply fits into the neck of any 500ml water bottle and increases flow time x 6 (tests showed that an upturned litre of water would empty in 8 seconds, with Bottleshower this increases to 48 seconds).

The latest National Counter Terrorism Security Office guidance that is designed to help people respond safely to incidents involving hazardous substances, including ‘acid attacks’ is available here.

The SP Parabag Decontamination Kit is suitable for use by Police, Fire and Ambulance Services as well crowded places, such as shopping centres, stadiums, airports, leisure complexes etc.

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