11 June 2019

11 First Aid Items You Should Have In Your Car

11 First Aid Items You Should Have In Your Car

We spend a lot of time in our cars – whether it’s travelling to or from work, visiting friends and family or going on long weekends around the country. Being prepared in the event of an accident or injury whilst on the road is crucial; whether it’s for yourself or another road user should you be first on the scene.

SP have specialised in creating custom First Aid Kits for a variety of locations such as workplaces, schools, festivals and vehicles. Here’s our top 11 items that should be kept in your car or on your motorbike all year round:

Res-Q-Me Window punch and Seatbelt Cutter Tool

Every motorist’s nightmare is being trapped in a car in an emergency with the seatbelt jammed or the door stuck. The Res-Q-Me tool is a tiny but might life-saving tool that can help you break a window or slice a seatbelt in an emergency,  which easily clips on to your car keys, keeping it within easy reach in the (unfortunate) event of an accident.


Hi-Vis Jacket

In many European countries, it’s mandatory for all vehicles to carry a high vis jacket. Whilst this is not the law in the UK, it is a highly recommended idea to carry a reflective waistcoat or jacket in your car to keep yourself or your passengers visible and safe should you experience a breakdown at night or in poor visibility conditions, when it is not safe to remain inside the vehicle.



A blanket can serve many different purposes whilst on the road, in all seasons not just the winter! From providing warmth if you find yourself stranded to being used as padding to lie on if you need to get underneath the car to check for repairs, having a heavy duty blanket will provide you or other road users comfort when it's needed. Another great type of blanket to keep in your car is a foil blanket, sometimes known as a survival blanket – commonly used by first aiders in the treatment of shock and hypothermia and are effective even in wet conditions.



If you breakdown at night, especially in rural areas where there may be no street lighting, having a readily available and portable light source is incredibly important. Although most mobile phones feature a ‘torch’ function it’s not always ideal to use your phone as a light source. For example, if you are on the phone to the emergency services with the phone up to your ear, the torch will be pointing the wrong way! Or using it may drain valuable battery life needed when left stranded at the roadside. A torch such as our Mag-Lite will provide an adjustable beam equal to that of many larger flashlights and can fit easily into a pocket or clipped onto your keys.


Rescue Shears

Having a pair of heavy duty rescue shears readily available can be handy in all sorts of situations including releasing clothing that’s obstructing an injury picked up whilst travelling or freeing someone stuck in a vehicle after a crash. Keep a pair in your vehicle first aid kit or in your glove box to ensure easy access when they are needed most.



Along with blankets, keeping a pair of thermal gloves in your vehicle can help keep you warm in the event of being stranded in colder conditions. It’s also a good idea to keep a few pairs of medical gloves in your car first aid kit too, to protect yourself from any possible infection when tending to injuries.


Dressings and Plasters

As with any first aid kit, dressings, bandages and plasters of all different sizes are a must to be prepared for treating injuries at the roadside. Dressings such as our 10x18cm T4 trauma dressing and 12x12cm sterile flow wrapped dressing, along with a triangle bandage and assorted washproof plasters are all ideal items to keep in your vehicle in case of emergency.


CPR Face Shield

A CPR face mask, sometimes known as a pocket mask or face shield, is a device used to safely deliver rescue breaths during cardiac or respiratory arrest, without the worry of bodily fluids coming in contact with your mouth. Having some of these incredibly inexpensive masks in your vehicle could be the difference between being hesitant to perform CPR in the event of an accident or being confident to give life-saving mouth-to-mouth to someone in need without the worry of being uncomfortable or risk of infection. 


Disposable Ice Packs

When you have children, knocks or sprains from time to time are inevitable. Storing disposable ice packs in your car will provide instant relief for injuries picked up whilst playing on the park or sports-related ailments such as tendon inflammations or swelling. These type of ice packs don’t require any pre-freezing or refrigeration so they’re ideal for storing in your car in case of accidents.


Burn Dressings

Burn care is something that is often forgotten about when around motor vehicles. From hot elements in the car engine to spilling a coffee across your lap in the car – having quick access to burn treatments such as Water-Jel dressings will help limit any damage caused by hot objects or liquid by cooling the burn and creating a protective sterile layer over the skin until the injury can be treated in by a medic.


ICE card

Since the abolishment of car tax disks in 2014, the plastic envelope that used to be found on car windows had become obsolete – but a new use for this transparent sleeve has emerged. In-case-of-emergency or ICE disks including your important medical or next-of-kin information kept in these pouches can provide first responders with vital information needed in the event of a road collision or emergency.


Bonus: a bag to keep it all in!

So you’ve ticked off all of our essential items, but having them rolling around in the boot or glove box is not the best idea. We have a wide range of pouches and bags perfect for storing first aid equipment such as a first aid box large enough to store most of these items or the Parabag IFAK pouch, great for storing a small first aid kit in a car or motorcycle – it even has straps to clip it to a belt or vest when you are on the move.

Alternatively, you can purchase ready-made first aid kits which include most of the items on this list directly from our website, such as a BS 8599-2 compliant workplace vehicle first aid kit.


If you would like any more advice on items that help keep you safe whilst on the road or advice on creating a custom first aid kit please do not hesitate to give us a call on 01952 288 999 or email

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