29 October 2019

Carve Your Own Spooky SP Pumpkin

Carve Your Own Spooky SP Pumpkin

Are you still stuck for the perfect idea or design to carve into your pumpkin this Halloween? How about making a super spooky SP pumpkin with our free downloadable stencil? 

Choose between easy or intermediate level and make your friends jealous with a precision carved SP pumpkin. 

How to Carve your Pumpkin

1. Print out the template you would like to use. Find the download link lower down this article.
2. Carefully cut the template out using scissors or a craft knife.
3. Cut in a lid and hollow out the pumpkin using a big spoon.
4. Lay the template on the front of the pumpkin and secure in place.
5. Use a pen to mark out the stencil onto the pumpkin.
6. Remove the stencil.
7. Use the guides you’ve drawn to carefully cut out the design.
8. Complete by popping a candle or a snaplight into the pumpkin.

Download the Template

Click the below link to download the SP logo template for your pumpkin! Choose between easy (a simple version of our logo) or intermediate (the full SP logo):

Download easy template >>

Download intermediate template >>

Tips for Carving the Perfect Pumpkin

- Make sure you choose a pumpkin that is the right size for the design. Roughly 25cm – 30cm wide is ideal.
- Pumpkins with a lighter colour tend to be much softer and easier to carve.
Make sure you cut the lid at an angle so it doesn’t drop back into the pumpkin when you replace it.
When carving this design start from the inside out, or work side to side.
Don’t rush! Rushing could lead to mistakes when carving.
- Rub petroleum jelly onto the cut edges to keep your pumpkin fresh for longer.

Once you've completed your masterpiece make sure you tag us in your pictures on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram or email photos of your creation to - we can't wait to see your skills!

Once all the Halloween fun and festivities are over, please don't throw your pumpkins in the bin. Pumpkins make great snacks for animals so cut them up and leave them in your garden or local wooded area for the wildlife to enjoy!

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