18 May 2017

Disinfectants To Tackle Candida Auris

A Scottish scientist has helped spearhead research that has found that a widely used disinfectant may be used to tackle a deadly form of a drug-resistant superbug that has caused hospital outbreaks and deaths across the world.

Dr Leighann Sherry, of Glasgow University, is part of a team who found in laboratory experiments that Candida auris, a recently-discovered human fungal pathogen, is sensitive to the disinfectant most widely used to sterilise surgical instruments.

Researchers had found the ability of Candida auris to form "bio-films" made it resistant to most drugs used for the treatment of severe fungal infections.

They also discovered that normal concentrations of the skin disinfectant chlorhexidine were active against the Candida auris bio-films.

The disinfectant is standard use in hospitals to sterilise instruments and wipe patients’ skin before surgery.

The researchers said it could mean a breakthrough for doctors trying to control the spread of infection in hospitals.

First discovered in Japan, the family of yeasts can live on the skin and inside the body, causing complications in people with weakened immune systems.

Public Health England (PHE) said doctors at one hospital were still dealing with an outbreak of the fungus, which is resistant to a commonly prescribed fungicidal drug.

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