18 April 2017

First Aid Kits for Police Firearms Officers & Public Order Medics

At SP Services we're proud to have been supplying police forces up and down the length and breadth of the UK, and further afield.

We have an extensive range of kitted bags including ones that match the requirements of D13 Firearms Basic, D13 Firearms Advanced and F3 Public Order Medic.

Most police forces have always had Public Order Medics and some also have other regional specialised units such as Firearms, Anti-Terrorist, Counter Terrorism, Bomb Disposal, Royalty Protection, Diplomatic Protection, Embassy Security, VIP Protection, Covert Ops, Special Ops, CTSFO, SOCA/NCA. 

If you’re one of those specialist units in a Police Force, either at home in the UK or abroad; then maybe you don’t know all about our capabilities as we are so much more than just a web site and a mail order catalogue company.

Our bespoke kit fulfilment and design service is one area that particularly appeals to a lot of our customers. Recently (March 2017) we have just completed a repeat order of 22,000 bespoke medical kits for one of our private security customers. We have also produced bespoke kits ranging from a small personal belt pouch with some basic first aid items to a range of fully kitted advanced trauma kits including a defibrillator (AED). There really is no limit to the number and type of kits we can design with you. If you are also struggling to decide what to put into your kits, with our 28 years of experience, we have a wealth of knowledge to help you make the job a lot easier. We can share best practice from other Forces as well as the NHS and the military.

As part of our key accounts team, we also employ 3 full time highly experienced paramedics who can help advise customers on what kit best suits your requirements. We can also tell you what's new and what's going out of practice so that you and your team are equipped with medical kits that are truly fit for purpose, no matter what the situation.

Given the sensitive nature of many of these projects, you can be guaranteed discretion when discussing your requirements with us. Many of our staff hold security clearance up to and including signing the Official Secrets Act. For requests of a sensitive nature, you can contact our Managing Director Steve Bray via the office on 01952 288 999.

Our products are in use daily across the UK and beyond and the name SP Services is one that is trusted globally.

For further details on how we can help save you time, money and hassle, as well as getting equipment that is trusted worldwide, please contact us by phone on 01952 288 999 or by email at


D13 Firearms Basic D13 Firearms Advanced F3 Public Order Medic
Counter Terrorist Specialist Firearms Officer CTSFO

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