31 May 2017

Have you checked your Defibrillator Expiry Dates recently?

A recent project in mainland Europe conducted a small inspection of a number of AEDs across a whole country and found over 50% to be 'out of service' due to out of date electrodes (pads), out of date batteries or requiring some sort of service or software update.

I think it's fair to say that if any of use were reasonable for a defib and it failed to work during a cardiac arrest because of out of date pads or batteries, then we would be devastated. Even worse if this was a close friend, work colleague, or family member.

As the end of another month approaches, why not double check your AED today.

At SP Services we stock a full range of replacement pads and batteries for every single major brand of defibrillator out there. If you can't see your model on our web site, or if you would like help in selecting the right pad or battery, then please do get in touch with us.

Tel: 01952 288 999


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