01 November 2017

Industry Analysts Rate SP as 'STRONG and STABLE'

A recent report by industry analysts Plimsoll said SP Services is "On a sound financial footing and have been rated as STRONG". 

They also said "Unfortunately, 320 others have been rated as DANGER and could fail in 2018"

Plimsoll say that 2018 could be a tipping point for the UK Medical Devices market.

536 companies are already being squeezed out, 103 others are sacrificing profit margins just to stay in the race however half of companies remain strong. 

Steve Bray, Managing Director of SP Services (UK) Ltd said "The 2008 financial crash is still being felt by individuals, families, and companies nearly 10 years later. As a company, we have had to reinvent ourselves and review and develop all our internal processes to ensure we remain competitive in a marketplace that is in a constant state of flux. The report from Plimsoll is a great testament that our planning, hard work and financial acumen has been formally recognised."

"Our customers can be reassured that they can place their trust in us. No organisation wants their supply chain being interrupted with suppliers going out of business or having cash flow problems. Maybe now is a good time to review your supplier database and move more of your business to SP Services, a company with a long history, and an even more promising future."

Plimsoll state:

Overcapacity means 536 companies are suffering falling sales
In a classic case of too many firms chasing too little market, 536 companies are selling less than last year. Will they get back to growth in this competitive market or decline further?

103 “serial loss makers” are stalking the market
As competition remains fierce, 103 companies are blatantly overtrading. Their sacrificing of profit at the expense of sales is pressuring margins across the board. How long can they continue?

Values are falling across the market
As profitability comes under pressure from increasing competitions and unscrupulous rivals more than a third of companies have seen their values fall – 153 have lost a third of their value.

Polarisation between the Strong and Failing
Over half of companies are on a sound financial footing and have been rated as STRONG in the new Plimsoll Analysis. Unfortunately, 320 others have been rated as DANGER and could fail in 2018.

Cash rich companies will drive a 2018 takeover boom
The UK Medical Devices industry is set for increased takeovers in 2018. The analysis has named 134 “Cash Rich Companies” and 222 “Best Takeovers” that we forecast will be heavily involved.



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