15 October 2020

Infection Prevention Week 2020!

Infection Prevention Week 2020!

COVID-19 has shown the world what we’ve always known - infection prevention and infection preventionists are essential to keeping the world safe. In addition to everything else that our NHS and healthcare professionals have to consider in their day to day job they are also now fighting a global pandemic for the foreseeable future.


International Infection Prevention Week was established in 1986 and this year falls during the week of 18th – 24th October 2020. The week aims to shine a light on infection prevention each and every year. However, this year it also aims to celebrate the bravery and tireless efforts of the people who are working most closely to fighting Covid-19 and to keep our communities safe. This year’s theme is We Love our IPSs – raise your voice and spread thanks this week!

Infection prevention and control has always been an important part of public health and safety. But as the global fight against COVID-19 rages on, the world’s communities are reminded just how important it is and here at SP Services we are doing everything that we can to help fight the pandemic.

With over 31 years’ experience as a global medical supplier of Emergency Medical, First Aid, Paramedic and Rescue Equipment, we are here to offer everything you need in an emergency, including all of the relevant equipment you require for infection prevention.

Our industry knowledge and expertise ensure that we can supply the correct emergency medical equipment and consumables on every occasion. Our continued success is driven by the ability to develop and deliver effective solutions, whilst maintaining an unrivalled level of customer support and technical advice.

Here at SP, the health and safety of our staff and customers is our utmost priority. As a medical supplier working closely with medical personnel on the frontline, we have a responsibility to ensure good hygiene and infection prevention best practises are adhered to at all times, but this has become especially important in 2020 during the pandemic.

As with many other businesses, we have implemented a robust package of infection control and prevention measures to ensure the safety of both our team and customers. Some of these measures include closing our showroom to the public to limit contact and possible spread of infection, issuing individual PPE kits to all of our staff members, enforcing strict social distancing measures, splitting teams into ‘bubbles’ and heightening our cleaning and hygiene protocols on site and providing hand sanitising stations at many points throughout the building. A stop/go system is in place for nature stops ensuring that only one individual is using the facilities at any given time.

Where we can we have also ensured that members of our team who can work from home are working from home to stop the spread of the infection and our health and well-being team are in regular contact to ensure that these team members are still feeling ok during these times.

We’re incredibly proud to have supported many people and organisations around the country this year in their fight against infection with our wide range of infection control products. This year we have sold over 1,800 PPE kits to local business and individuals including schools and offices.

Our wide range of Individual PPE Kits are designed to reduce the spread of infection and help keep your staff safe in these extraordinary times. Including face masks, gloves, surface wipes, hand sanitisers and many more options, we’re making it quick and easy for your staff to be equipped with their infection control essentials. Supplied in a handy pouch with a clear window these are now becoming an everyday essential item.

To celebrate, we’re offering some of our best-selling infection prevention products at a lower price for the whole week!

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