27 April 2015

Nepal earthquake: SP helping those on the front line

Following the devastating news of Saturday's earthquake in Nepal we have been contacted by a number of charities and NGO's for medical supplies to be sent out to aid with relief efforts in the region.

SP has donated a number of supplies to charities for remote medical aid workers, doctors and nurses flying out to help with search and rescue efforts, medical treatment, first aid, triage and pre-hospital care in the affected areas.

Local nurse Gill Bradbury is flying out to Nepal from Birmingham International Airport this evening to provide medical aid and treatment assistance within the affected areas such as Nepal's capital, Kathmandu.

SP has also made a donation to Disaster Medics who will be flying out on Thursday with a team of remote medics to help local missing people and deliver first aid and pre-hospital treatment to those who have not yet reached hospitals or temporary medical centres. 

Vast tent cities have sprung up across Kathmandu, for those displaced or afraid to return to their homes. 

Across the world countries, organisations and individuals are springing into action with humanitarian aid and relief efforts. 

Our thoughts are with all those affected by the earthquake and everyone helping in relief efforts.

Image from BBC News website - Nepal Earthquake International Aid Effort Increased

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