11 July 2019

Oxfordshire Fire and Rescue Prepare to storm competition with help from SP Services

Oxfordshire Fire and Rescue Prepare to storm competition with help from SP Services


Nick Middleton and Jack Staines are Firefighters at Oxfordshire Fire and Rescue Service (OFRS) working out of Henley On Thames Fire station. After completing an Immediate Emergency Care course, they both developed a passion for pre-hospital trauma and wanted to develop their skills further and to test themselves under pressure.

Last year Jack began working with the OFRS Extrication Team who compete at UKRO (United Kingdom Rescue Organisation) competitions. The UKRO run regional and national competitions testing Fire Services in various disciplines including trauma, extrication, water rescue, rope rescue and urban search and rescue. The scenarios are incredibly realistic with live casualties, time pressure and fantastic Moulage. These events are invaluable to the Fire Services nationally as it is a chance for skills and experiences to be shared amongst the services. Many techniques developed from these competitions have since been incorporated operationally. 

Attending these competitions and getting a taste of competing gave Jack the idea to put together OFRS’ first Trauma Team named ‘Oxfordshire Fire and Rescue Service Trauma Team’ and he decided to select Nick to become a member. They have been training for the last six months with their first competition coming up in July. Their goal is to further increase their pre-hospital skills and perform well at the nationals later in the year. They are hoping to pass on useful information and experiences to their colleagues to further improve the quality of their care to the community.

After meeting our marketing director Kate Slack (@KateLifeScience) at the 2019 Trauma Care Conference, Jack and Nick were invited to visit our Bastion House head office in Telford to meet with our Paramedic Product Specialist, to discuss how we could help get their new team up and running.

We believe in making training as realistic as possible so we were delighted to be able to offer a donation of trauma equipment and medical supplies to support the team in their training for success at the upcoming Avon Heavy Rescue, USAR & Trauma Challenge being held at Hick’s Gate Fire Station on 20th July.

The kit we donated comprised of a trauma mannequin, a stretcher, SP Parabags and a splinting kit. This has helped to transform the way they train, making it more realistic and beneficial.

Oxfordshire Fire and Rescue Team with their new trauma training manikin

 Before working with SP, most of the equipment Nick and Jack used was self-funded. The addition of a manikin and scoop means that they can finally realistically practise the handling and boarding a casualty without relying on using a sandbag in the rough shape of a person and imaginary scoop like they used to!

We are also working in partnership with Oxford Fire & Rescue as a part of our ‘SP’s 30 Volunteers in 30 Days’ initiative. Watch this space for more details coming soon!

We’d like to wish a massive good luck to Oxfordshire Fire and Rescue Service Trauma Team in the competition next week from everyone here at SP. For updates on their training and progress, you can follow them on Instagram and Twitter at:

Nick Middleton
Instagram: @nickmiddletonphoto
Twitter: @nickmiddleton88

Jack Staines
Instagram: @Jack_staines99

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