12 April 2016

Parabag IFAK Medical & Trauma Kits

Parabag IFAK Medical & Trauma Kits

We recently completed an order for 25,000 kitted IFAK battlefield trauma kits for a private security company working mainly out in the Middle East.

This pouch was designed by SP's Parabag team following close liaison with our customer and their end users. We also advised the customer on which medical items to put into these trauma kits following a brief from their medical teams on the ground.

With our 27+ years of industry experience, we can help our customers make the best choice in equipment and consumables as we often have a lot more first hand knowledge of what's current, what's new, what's appropriate and what's also now obsolete.

Our in-house paramedics, most of whom have NHS or Armed Forces experience, can advise customers from a clinical perspective on which medical items are most appropriate for their needs and their level of training. 

We obviously keep ourselves up to date with all the various medical guidelines and SOPs, and can therefore help our customers to make sure that their kits will be both fit for purpose and also well received by the medics out in the field. This is something that not many of our competitors do, or have the expertise to be able to do which is why time and time again, SP customers continue to ask us to help with their ever changing medical kit requirements.

If you have a requirement for kitted or unkitted medical bags, pouchs or backpacks, then please do get in touch with us and we'll be happy to put our design team to work on your project.

Please do also consider us for those one off, urgent and larger bag and kit orders; you may be surprised at how quickly we can turn around these orders when necessary. On popular items like these IFAK Pouches, we will usually keep many thousand spare bags in stock so that we can respond to very urgent orders worldwide.

For further details, please contact the office via


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