22 October 2016

Public Can Save Lives in Terrorist Attack

A former trauma medic has designed his own special medical kitbag to be ready to respond in case of a terrorist attack or disaster when he visits a major city around the world on business.

Steve Bray, MD of medical supplies company SP Services, put together the pack full of life saving equipment including trauma dressing, tourniquet, a dressing to stem heavy blood loss and treatment for facial burns “just in case” he was ever near the scene of a bombing, shooting or terrorist incident.

But that was before the terror attacks in Manchester and London.

With security services saying a UK terror attack is still “highly likely,” Steve believes the public can save lives in the aftermath of an attack if they have the right equipment to hand and the knowledge of how to use it in an emergency, available on a one day course.

Steve, whose Telford company supplies medical equipment in the UK and around the world said the Parabag is not just another first aid kit but contains the necessary lifesaving items if anyone ever found themselves in a terrorist attack or mass casualty incident.

“I know I’m more likely to come across a cardiac arrest than a terrorist attack but following the terrible terrorist attacks in Paris, Brussels, Nice and Munich, I had become concerned that if I ever got caught up in one, I wouldn't have any kit with me to help the injured,” said Steve.

“I also had a slightly selfish motive as I might also need some med kit to look after myself if I was one of the injured.”

He said he had a car boot loaded with equipment to cope with most disasters but had nothing to hand if travelling on the train, tube or at an airport.

“I came up with this small med kit idea in 2015 which I wear on my belt while travelling around London, whether in my business suit or casual wear. It’s an unassuming, easy to wear kit, that anyone can carry.

“There is no excuse not to be prepared,” added Steve.
Alan Payne (50) has attended numerous incidents over the years involving planes and trains while working as a paramedic officer in London. Now he travels the world as an International Sales Director for an ambulance manufacturer and is one of SP’s many customers to carry the Parabag, attached to his travel bag, when travelling on business.

“I got it because I do an extensive amount of travelling. I’m in and out of airports all the time and I wanted something for me and others if I am on the scene of an incident where people need urgent medical help.”

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