01 June 2017

SP Services Launch 999 Appreciation Day

I think its fair to say that the British public have always held our Emergency Services in high regard, but usually are only reminded about how wonderful they are after they have needed their help for a family member or for themselves.

Following the horrendous and high profile major incidents that our Emergency Services have had to attend in the first half of 2017, we felt its about time that there was an annual day where nationally we could all show and celebrate our appreciation for the brave and difficult job they do.

Our emergency services run towards danger and disaster while everyone else is running away. This is something they actually do almost every single day at work, but we've seen this really come to prominence at the Westminster, Manchester and London Bridge terrorist attacks and the Grenfell Tower fire.

After initially considering the 29th September which was the date the Metropolitan Police Service was founded, the date that seems to have generated the most interest on social media is the 9th September so please stick it in your diary now.

Steve Bray, Managing Director of SP Services said "Every day I get to hear about the wonderful work that our emergency services do, saving lives, rescuing people, providing safety, saving property, putting themselves before others. A national and annual event that shows our appreciation for the UK's emergency services is long overdue, and I'm humbled to formally help launch this event today."

It's time now for us all to get right behind all our emergency services which is actually a much bigger family than just 'Fire, Police and Ambulance'. Not only do we need to include the Coastguard, there's also the Air Ambulances, Mountain Rescue, Cave Rescue, Cliff Rescue, and Bomb Disposal; they all form part of the '999 family'.

So let's all get thinking of how we can show our appreciation, both nationally and also at a local level to where you live and work. It's not all about big ideas either, small tokens such as a box of dougnuts or some cookies dropped off to the local station are always welcome. Maybe it's just a simple smile and a thank you next time you pass a police officer on the street. You could hold a coffee morning in your village or city to raise funds for one of the many emergency services charities or air ambulances. Get your local school children to do some drawings and paintings that the emergency crews can stick on their station walls. Think big, think small, the possibilities are endless.

Over the coming week we will be creating some web banners and graphics that you are free to use and share. Just keep tuned to our various social media channels on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.


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