05 November 2018

Shrewsbury Town Council Invest in Life-Saving Equipment!

Shrewsbury Town Council Invest in Life-Saving Equipment!

Of the 11 iPAD SP1 Defibrillators purchased, five are to be used as public access defibrillators around the town in outdoor cabinets, making them accessible 24/7. A further 6 iPAD SP1 Defibrillators were installed across both Primary & Secondary Schools around Shrewsbury following a long fundraising campaign from former mayor of Shrewsbury Ioan Jones and fellow councillors.

Paramedic Chris Phillips was there to meet with the councillors today and install the defibrillators across the town, demonstrating their use to school staff and members of the council.

He said “A defibrillator is the key component in the chain of survival, where prompt use of a defibrillator in cardiac arrest within the first 3-5 minutes of collapse can increase chances of survival by 50-70%. Having seen Public Access Defibrillators used in real life and seeing the impact they can make on cardiac arrest survival really drives home the importance of having these readily available throughout our communities”.

“The idea to install defibrillators across Shrewsbury Town is fantastic and I cannot thank the partner agencies funding the project alongside Shrewsbury Town Council and the fundraising efforts of the local Shrewsbury residents”.

Each minute of delay to defibrillation reduces the probability of survival to hospital discharge by 10%. In the UK, fewer than 2% of victims have an AED deployed before the ambulance arrives (Resuscitation Council UK).

Chris also added “I would like to speak to any other council interested in carrying out a similar project in their local area to improve the accessibility of lifesaving equipment in an emergency”.

If you would like further information or to speak to Chris Phillips, please email or call 07818 592 999. 

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