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25 August 2016

SP Services, No Ordinary Supplier

SP Services, No Ordinary Supplier

We really do believe there's more to being a valued supplier than just being the cheapest. We are a great believer in that old adage "buy cheap, you buy twice".

We have 27 years experience in this industry looking after our customers and we like to think we've learnt quite a few things over that time.

Steve Bray, SP's Managing Director said "As a user of our equipment, I've always felt that our products had to be the very best quality out there, even if that meant we were not as cheap as some of our so called competitors. It can be difficult for customers to know if they're comparing 'apples with apples' if every product description on Google appears to be identical, but trust me it's often a case of comparing 'apples with oranges'.

As just one example, even on a relatively simple item such as a No 1 Ambulance Dressing there are huge variations between various brands on offer accross the UK, and the internet. When we designed our range of sterile first aid and trauma dressings we looked at:

  • Pad size
  • Pad absorbency
  • Bandage length, compression, stretch & strength
  • Position of pad on the bandage
  • Best way of folding the pad 
  • Size of finished packaging
  • Amount of air left inside packaging after sterilisation
  • Ease of opening packaging in an emergency
  • Product labelling including barcoding
  • Method of sterilisation
  • CE certification

Steve says "You might assume that every manufacturer would look at all of the above, but trust me when I say I've examined dozens of different brands and there's a huge difference in quality from one brand to the next; yet they all say "No 1 Ambulance Dressing" on the label."

No 1 Ambulance Dressing Sterile
In summary, SP Services is a trusted brand that professionals have been using for over 28 years. In these difficult times of budget cuts and austerity, we continue to work hard to drive down our prices, provide good value for money, but we will never compromise on our quality.

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